Pure & Organic Himalayan Salajeet 10 gsm

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Strength Booster:

It increases your vitality and strength.

Enhances brain function:

It sharpens focus, enhances memory, and boosts brain function.

Eliminates Physical Weakness:

Taking pure Himalayan Shalajit aids in attaining more physical success by eliminating physical weakness

Beautifies the skin:

It enhances the skin’s appearance and removes dead skin it, making it softer and more radiant.

Strengthens Sexual Power:

Himalayan Shalajit boosts sexual power and facilitates more sexual success

Rich in Mineral:

It increase your body function

Testosterone Levels

It may help men maintain adequate testosterone levels, which may have implications for general reproductive health, muscle growth, and sexual desire.

Bone Health:

It contains minerals like calcium and magnesium


Resin Form:

A normal dosage can be between 100 and 300 mg


Pea- to rice-sized grains, once or twice a day


For easy consumption, you can dissolve the resin in milk or warm water.


Read the label:

Before use it must read the label

Properly store it in a normal environment.

5 reviews for Pure & Organic Himalayan Salajeet 10 gsm

  1. Rana Muhammad Abdullah (verified owner)

    Reached in time safe and sound ,very good packing .

  2. Adil

    100. % pure

  3. Rana Muhammad Abdullah

    Reached safe and sound and very good quality

  4. Abdullah

    Received shilajit , packing is good in form , reached in time

  5. rma

    very good in packing and reached in time

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